Your business has taken the leap into the modern era by using more digital files. However, you likely face a new qualm: where to store all of your digital data. Finding the best digital storage solutions for your business can be difficult to do if you don’t know what’s available. To help you make the right storage solution decision, we are going to take a look at the best ones out there and how to choose the right ones for your company.

The three best digital storage solutions available

In-house hard drives

There are many types of hard drive technologies that you can use, including the following:

  • HDD (magnetic) hard drive – is inexpensive and reliable, but is the slowest, most venerable storage solution on this list
  • SSD (flash) hard drive – is extremely reliable, sturdy and fast, but is the most expensive storage solution on this list
  • HDD/SSD hybrid hard drive – is nearly as fast as an SSD drive and almost as inexpensive as an HDD drive, but it is less sturdy than a flash hard drive.

Optical discs

Optical discs are often only thought of as being useful as music CDs and movie DVDs. However, many optical discs can store hundreds of gigabytes of data; they are also reliable and easy use. This means that despite their limitations (limited writing capabilities, susceptibility to scratches), they are viable storage solutions.

Cloud storage

Lightning fast internet speeds have made the digital cloud one of the best digital storage solutions out there. A cloud-based storage solution offers the following benefits:

  • Allows you to access your digital data anywhere
  • Increases your data security
  • Makes the amount of data you can store virtually limitless
  • Reduces your data management load

Questions to ask do determine which solutions are best for your company

Hard drives, optical drives and cloud storage are the best digital storage solutions out there, but which ones are the best for you? Asking yourself the following questions will help you answer this question:

How much data will I need stored?

High volumes of data are best managed with cloud storage solutions, because sifting through too many optical discs can be as difficult as trying to manage paper documents; it can be difficult to find a location (or the budget) to properly manage a high volume of data with internal hard drives.

How often will my team need to access the stored data?

If your team needs to access data often, then your best options are either the cloud or hard drives, because they both allow you to access all of your files quickly. Optical discs and cloud storage are great options for data that doesn’t need to be accessed often, because they both allow you to set data aside without any consequences.

How often will I need to store new sets of data?

Constantly expanding the size of your internal hard drives is difficult and expensive; storing with optical discs on a large scale can become difficult as well. As such, those who need to store a high volume of data should use cloud storage

Will my team ever need to access my data on the go?

For accessing data on the go, cloud storage is your best choice, because you can’t access your hard drive data without being connected to it and carrying all of your optical discs around is not very practical. If you won’t need to access your data on the go, then they are all great storage solutions. After answering these questions, you should be more than prepared to choose the best digital storage solutions for your company’s data.