Meet your information
chaos team!

Learn how these folks could be causing you to lose control over your data!

Spilly Steven

Notorious for ruining your files through careless and clumsy handling

Heather Hoarder

Every file is “hers” and they’re so valuable they can’t be shared with anyone else

Ester Easy-Task

Hand picks the easy orders for processing

Amelia Audits

Outside advisor who is just waiting for you to make a mistake

Ricky Real-Estate

His filing cabinets are more important than your employees

Forgetful Fredrick

Takes out files, never brings them back, can’t remember doing it

Courtney Confusion

Saves all her documents to the network… in no logical structure

Peter Privacy

Often forgets files in his car and lets just about anyone use his PC

Linda Legacy

Can’t see past the old methods of records management

Mobile Mary

Never in the office but always needs information

Do these sound familiar?
Find out how to increase the control
of your business critical information!

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