Scan to Zero – The demise of your never ending offsite document storage contract!

For years you have been paying a never ending bill for offsite document storage and where has it gotten you? When you need a file, it takes days to get it. When you open your invoice, there always seems to be additional charges. When you call your storage provider, you’re treated as an account number, not a real person. These reasons and more is why we’re proud to introduce Scan to Zero, your alternative to offsite document storage and a tool to eliminate the perpetual expense and provide instant access to your organization’s documents without a delay or per access penalty!

With Scan to Zero we:

  • Store your paper records and scan a set amount of them per month until you’re completely paperless!

  • Provide safe and secure storage services at our state of the art records centre during the scanning process at no additional cost to you!

  • Provide file requests to you within hours not days or weeks!

  • Upload your scanned business records to your servers or one of our secure cloud-based information management systems!
  • Leverage your existing budget to eliminate this recurring cost forever while dramatically speeding up access to your information!
  • Provide a light at the end of the tunnel, the demise of the endless offsite storage bill!

Discover the light at the end of your tunnel!

Curious how long it will take you to transition from offsite document storage to paperless? We can help! Our handy timeline tool will help you determine how many months it will take us to store and scan your files! We recognize everyone’s project is a little unique so let us sharpen our pencils and work up a custom proposal for your Scan to Zero application!

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TotalMonths to paperless!

Why do companies choose us?

Having the right information available at the right time is the key to success.
We bring the power of your information to your fingertips. 


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