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With simple touchscreen commands, and easy to follow instructions, the UScan is an affordable plug and play microfilm and microfiche scanner with single cable connectivity. Ideally suited for libraries, offices and museums, it’s whisper quiet, with an optional pay-per-use interface. The UScan can take the place of four separate scanners, making it the easier, faster and more cost effective way to scan multiple film types with a single unit!

The UScan embodies economy of scale with its ability to read/scan/print/email and save images from roll microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards and photographic materials. Taking the place of four separate scanners – and scanning in color, bi-tonal and greyscale – the compact design and multiple-use functions of the UScan create an ideal unit for walk-up patron/on-demand use.

Easily fitted with pay-per-use and follow-me capabilities, the UScan is an affordable plug and play scanner with single cable connectivity. The touchscreen commands are simple to follow. The solid base and low maintenance requirements allow for high-traffic. The image quality is excellent. The unique Kensington lock system ensures the unit will stay put even in a public venue. These and other features ensure that the UScan microform scanner is an industry best-in-class.

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