Zeta Document and Book Scanner

The easy to use non-destructive book scanner

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“It’s simple to use and produces beautiful documents.”
Todd Kyle, CEO, Newmarket Public Library

The Zeta is a plug and go non-destructive book scanner, delivering high quality data with the highest resolution. Your scans never looked this good!

Ideal for libraries, schools, archives or offices, the Zeta book scanner allows you to save your scans quickly on a USB key, reducing paper usage and helping to go green – and stay green.

Bound book scanners that give faulty, low quality scans are things of the past. When you see the quality of scans the Zeta book scanner can give you with such incredible ease and speed, you will be amazed.

  • High speed scanning (3 seconds per scan)
  • Crisp, clear, images with stunning 300DPI resolution (and an optional upgrade to 600DPI)
  • Advanced lighting system not affected by ambient lighting
  • Easy to use operation panel with a simple, tablet-like interface
  • A beautiful, award winning, design that will look great anywhere

Zeta Success Story: Newmarket Public Library

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